dublin birth photographer, ABOUT, Coccole Photography
dublin birth photographer, ABOUT, Coccole Photography

Hi, I am Simona and GM is my love child.
Who am I? I am Reeve’s mum, Denis’ wife, and a fur mama of 3.
We moved to Muenchen after living for 3 years in rural Ireland but we are Italians.
I consider myself a hopeless romantic, and I’m also rock’n’roll addicted and a tattoo collector.
My love for photography and desire to ‘draw with the light’ began as a child when I used to steal my
dad’s old Yashica 35mm. I was then formally trained in photography at the Istituto Italiano di
Fotografia, a prestigious private school in Milan, after my high school years.
My true passion undeniably lies in lifestyle and documentary work, and that is the approach I take to
my sessions.
I define myself a storyteller. I believe that natural, REAL moments with REAL emotions are the
moments that matter the most. That’s how I want to capture you.

With love,