Còccola s. f. [der. di coccolare], fam. – Carezza, gesto di tenerezza, di affettuosità; spec. al plur.: fare le coccole a qualcuno.


Coccole Photography is a documentary photographer that specialises in birth, newborn lifestyle, Fresh 48 and family
serving county Kildare, county Dublin, county Laois, county Wicklow, county Carlow, and county Kilkenny.




Birth is one of the few real, unrepeatable moments of your life. And we are here to help you remember it forever.

Being your first time or the fourth time in a row, having a new baby is something that changes everything, it doesn’t matter what you already know or think and what you have already experienced because every time is different, a new journey is there for you to live.

With this new life growing inside of you, you’ll become someone else, someone different, a rollercoaster of emotions hits you along the way until the final step, when you will witness again the miracle: baby’s little eyes closed, delicate movement of thin fingers and toes, the strong heartbeat in that tiny chest and the sound of his first breath.

This is the birth of your baby. This is your story.

In this special sacred unique moment, we’ll be at your side to create memories for you, with you, creating beautiful art to forever cherish.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”
David Alan Harvey